Enervit G Sport Lemon

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Enervit G Sport is made of instantly soluble granules. It can be used to prepare a solution containing carbohydrate and electrolytes (salts), which can be drunk while practising sports activities that include intense exercise.
Solutions with carbohydrates and electrolytes contribute to maintaining endurance performance levels during prolonged exercise and increase water adsorption during exercise.

Fructose – Maltodextrins (from maize) – Sucrose– Acidifier: citric acid –  Dextrose (from maize) – Thickening agent:  acacia gum – Sodium phosphate dihydrate – Rice starch – Flavouring – Magnesium citrate – Tripotassium citrate – Wheat starch – – Sodium chloride – Sodium citrate – Vitamin mixture (C, PP, calcium pantothenate, B2, B1) – Anti-caking agent:  silicon dioxide – Colouring: E104.

Prepare a dose by dissolving the contents of two medicine cups (corresponding to about 30 g of product) in a 500 ml water bottle. During intense physical activity, the recommended dose is 500 ml of product for every hour of activity, drinking at regular intervals (a sip about every 15 minutes) and taking exercise intensity and environmental conditions into account.

This product should be included in a varied and well-balanced diet and healthy life style.

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